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  • Name:The wire tensioning machine
  • Model:PT-302
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  • Date:2011-11-30 12:02:53


PT-302 Electric tensile tester

Apply to all kinds of material in the measurement of tensile, compression, bending, cutting, tear, peel, puncture states mechanical performance and relevant physical parameters.

Feature :

1. Blue LCD display, completely English menu and simple to operation.

2. Dynamic tracking equipment working state , the transfer test data with real-time display strength .

3. Automatic A / D inverter system driven, ball screw drive operation.

4. Built-in power of the value of automatic digital calibration system.

5. The units of strength value (N, Kg, IB) can be switched freely. 

6. With overload, super-trip, overvoltage, overheating and other kinds of protection to ensure safe and reliable equipment operation.

7. Capacity:,50KG

8. Test speed: 50mm/min ~ 250mm/min,

9. Power: 1PH、AC220V、50/60Hz

GB/T16491-1996  electronic universal testing machine

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