A small tensile machine

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  • Name:A small tensile machine
  • Model:PT-301A
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  • Class:拉力机
  • Date:2011-11-30 11:48:13


PT-301A Peeling strength tester

Uses: This machine is applicable to testing tensile strength, elongation, compression strength, bending resistance, tearing force, peeling force, adhesive force and shearing force for specimen, semi-produce and material.



Capacity: 2、5、10、25、50、100kg

Unit switchover: kg, N

Resolution: 1/1000

Max stroke: 600mm (not including fixture)

Test speed: 20~300mm/min

Motor: DC motor 25~40W

Dimension: 60×25×105cm

Weight: 36kg

Power: 1φ,220V,1A


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