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  • Name:Ring crush strength testing machine
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Detailed Product Description


Carton Ring Crush Test
1.multi-fuction testing of paperboard,pasteboard
2.can do RCT, FCT, ECT, PAT, CMT

 PT-209 Ring Crush Strength Tester

cardboard compression tester is the board's basic equipment performance testing compressive strength (ie, paper packaging testing instruments), the test item are: base paper ring compression strength test (RCT), corrugated board compression strength test (ECT), corrugated board adhesive strength test (PAT), corrugated board flat crush strength test (FCT), corrugated base paper from the laboratory after the compression strength (CCT) peace compressive strength (CMT), using high-precision sensors, high-speed chip design, to ensure sampling accuracy. Its performance parameters and technical indicators in line with relevant national standards.



1. the apparatus of high precision, simple operation (can be ring crush, edge pressure, adhesive, pressure-strength test, etc.), stable and reliable performance.
2. using the NXP (Philip) high-performance ARM core processor and dual-channel 24-bit Cirrus independent high-speed sampling chip, high-speed operation to ensure accurate sampling and processing, and effective to ensure test accuracy.
3. automatic measurement sample, the maximum peak intelligent lock, powerful data management and analysis, 99 sets of data to save, print function, fault alarm and sensor non-linear correction function.
4. N, kgf, lbf switching between units.
5. real-time clock, eliminating manual input before printing the date or the date of the tedious hand-filling operations.
6. reserved for RS232, USB2.0 communication interface for easy connection to upgrade to the computer control.


1. Range <2000N
2. Accuracy <1%   (less than 0.3% measured)
3. the highest resolution 0.1N
4. plate test speed 12.5 ± 2.5mm/min
5. plate diameter 120 mm   (according to customer request)
6. the maximum distance between the upper and lower plate: 80mm
7. power source: AC220V   3A   50Hz
8. Dimensions: 350mm×400mm×850mm
9. Weight: 45kg



1. GB / T 6546   corrugated board compression strength test

2. GB / T 6548   Determination of adhesive strength of corrugated board method

3. GB / T 2679.8   Paper and cardboard ring crush strength determination

4. GB / T 2679.6   corrugated paper Determination of flat crush strength

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