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PT-202 Micro-computer Compression testing machine


Micro-computer Compression testing machine is used for measuring the pressure strength of boxes, cartons, packaging containers, etc. for inspecting the pressure-resistance and strike-endurance of packing materials during transportation or carry. Also it can do hold pressure stacking test .


It can realize exactly speed governing and exactly measuring. The machine is designed a smoothly transmission mechanism and multilevel safe protect mechanism. It can auto process the test data and print report.

Three kinds of work patterns:

Strength test: The largest of the measurement of pressure and displacement.

Fixed value test: According to the setting pressure and the displacement of the body to detect the overall performance.

Stacking test: According to the national standard requirements, it is available for 12 hours, 24 hours and different conditions of the Stacking test.


Based on the standard Design Standard

GB/T 4857.4-92 packaging, transport package, Pressure test method

GB/T 4857.3-92  packaging ,transport package, Stacking static load test method


Technical parameters

Product model


Power supply

AC220V  10A  50HZ

     measurement   range




 < ±1 %

 Compression plate size

 500 × 500 mm / 600 × 600 mm

  operating stroke

 600 mm

rate of pressure increasing

10 mm/min

return speed

maximum 120mm/min

    environment       condition



   Dimension of main body


Operating specification

1 temperature:25

2. Power supply:220V or 380V,