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  • Name:Digital Charpy impact testing machine
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PT-702A Digital Izod impact tester

Detailed Product Description


Charpy Impact Test
Stable and precise
Easy to operate

 Pendulum Impact Tester


It is determined resisting impact strength of the engineering plastics, the glass fiber, the ceramics, the cast stone, the plastic electric appliance, the insulation material, plastic pipes and nonmetallic material etc. The products accord with standards requirements of ISO179180GB/T1043GB/T 1843ASTM D256JB8762JB8761ISO9854GB18743 etc.


The electronic impact testing machine adopts the round surface measuring angle technology and characteristics of the precision high, the stable system and wide measurement range. The digitized survey measurement display the testing experiment, the impact strength, the climbing pre-elevation, one batch of equal values, the energy loses revises automatically.


Impact energy: 

Izod: 1J  2J 11J  22J    impact speed : 3.5m/s,

Charpy: 1J  2J  4J  5J  7.5J  15J  25J  50J  impact speed :  2.9m/s, 3.8m/s

Test standards:

ASTM D256, ISO 180, JIS K7110, GB/T 1043&1843








 CHARPY impact tester





 CHARPY impact tester





 IZOD impact tester





 IZOD impact tester