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Rain Test Machine
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Rain Test Machine

PT-406 Rain Test Machine  Uses

Rain Test Machine is used to product function under rain environment while the product in storage,transportation and using condition..It simulates the rain testing for electronics products,light, voltage cabinets,electronics component,cars, motorcycleand other spare parts,check if the products performance changed.After testing,check if the products performance can meet the need,so that can improve product quality.


PT-406 Rain Test Machine   Design Standards

It can meet GB4208 Hult Protection Grade, GJB150.8 Military environment test methods, GB/T10485(Car and trailer outside illuminator basic test methods),IEC60529 Hult Protection Grade standards.


PT-406 Rain Test Machine  Specification

Model: PT-406

Working size:850*900*800 mm (D*W*H).

Outside size:1350*1400*1900mm mm (D*W*H).

Rain test swing pipe radius:400mm

Swing Pipe:180°~180°~180°/12s°

Internal diameter of pipe:? 15mm.

Nozzle Specification:?0.8mm.

Water flow:0.6 L /min

Nozzle space:50mm

Nozzle Qty:25 pcs

Turntable diameter:? 500mm

Turnplate speed:3~17turns/min(adjustable)


Weight:about 100Kg



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