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  • Name:Vacuum high temperature testing machine
  • Model:PT-404A
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Detailed Product Description


1.Fast delivery
2.Very competitive price
3.Accuracy result

 PT-404A Laboratory vacuum high-temperature chamber

Scope of application:

This product is widely used in industrial and mining enterprises, universities, scientific research and various laboratories, and other items stored under vacuum or ceramic, glue, paints, plastic toys, resin crafts, candles, printer cartridges and glass products industry off the vacuum bubble. 


Product Feature:

1.Streamline arc design pioneered by the shell is cold-rolled steel plate electrostatic spray;

2.Liner are made of stainless steel, semi-circular square design is more convenient to clean;

3.Tightness of the chassis door completely arbitrary regulation by the user, the overall shape of the silicone rubber door seals, to ensure high vacuum chamber;

4.Rectangular structure of the local studio, so that the maximum effective volume, with steel doors, bullet-proof double glass door, so that training materials allow users to observe the studio at a glance.





Vacuum rate


air leakage


heating up time

70minmaximum temperature


Temperature scale

Room temp ~250

Temperature controller precision

0.5 level

temperature error


Working chamber material

Stainless steel


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