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  • Model:PT-306A
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 PT-306A Pull and pressure testing machine

 Use:This machine is applicable to performance testing for plastics, tubular materials, plastic films, rubber, electric wires and any other similar materials. This equipment is critical for the development of the materials, property testing, teaching investigation and the control of the quality. The fixture is an important component for the accuracy of the outcome and results of the experiment and different materials have their own corresponding fixtures for higher accuracy.

Model: PT-306A
capacity: 1T
Unit: KG、LB、N
Monitor : LED display
Resolution: 1/100,000
accuracy: ±1%
Testing speed: 20~300mm/min
Power: 1∮,AC220V/50HZ
Mass(Kg); 150kg
Safety system: Overload protection,protection system


Safety Device:

Stroke protection

Machinery, computer double protection, prevent over preset

Force protection

system setting

Emergency stop device

Handling emergencies