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  • Model:PT-107
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Smoothness tester for paper

BEKK smoothness tester (PT-107)

 Paper Smoothness Tester used to determine the smoothness of paper. It designed according to standard ISO 5627 <> and QB/T 1665. It’s the necessary instrument to determine the smoothness of all kinds of high smoothness paper but not be used to determine the thickness more than 0.5mm or high permeability material


Technical parameters


Accuracy: 0.1 seconds
Measurement range: 0~9999 seconds

Test area: 10± 0.05cm2

Display:Chinese Dot Matrix Menu

Communication output: Standard RS232 interface

Weight: 36kg

Outside dimension (L×W×H):  318×362×518mm

Pressure: 100±2kPa

Power supply:AC220V±10%50H