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Thank for purchase? our products like?tensile tester,universal material testing machine,adhesion

tester,carton packing testing machine,plastic tester,?simulation environment testing machine and

so on.We'll provide a good after-sell services.

1.After-sale services standard

1>.Enjoy 12 months free warranty service.

2>.After the warranty period?you can?enjoy life-long maintenance service.

3>.On condition of enough maintenance period,it won't last longger than 3 working days(except

for the transit time.the machine will be?back to work within 12 hours.

2.After-sales service capacity

1>.The professional maintenance staff has through professional training,it can meet your needs

of after-sale service.

2>.Our testing machine has reached the national standard.

3>.Our Calibration recognition can reach the first level of national measurement standard.

3.The following condition are not including in the Warranty .

1>.The accessories are not including in the Warranty.

2>.?Instrument equipment due to human factors or? according to procedures and force majeure

(such as earthquake, etc) damage factors do not belong to the warranty range.

3>.Under abnormal conditions,Disassembling the machine is not in the warranty.

We will try our best to meet your needs,and we are always willing to accept your precious

opinion.Thank you for purchase our products!

After-Sale Service Hotline :0769-89003369