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  • PT-407

    Salt spray test machine
    Content:?PT-407 Salt spray testing machine ? Salt spray testing machine used to test the corrosive resistance of products whose the sur...
  • PT-406

    Rain test machine
    Content:? Specifications Rain Test Machine 1.Manufacturer 2.2 year after sale delivery,in stock Rain Test Machine PT-406 Rain T...
  • PT-404A

    Vacuum high temperature testing machine
    Content:Detailed Product Description 1.Fast delivery 2.Very competitive price 3.Accuracy result PT-404A Laboratory vacuum high-tem...
  • PT-404

    High temperature test chamber
    Content:PT-404 High -temperature test chamber? It's used to dry, bake and preheat various materials or specimen. 2.Hot air circulation ...
  • PT-403A

    Programmable humidity and humidity testing machine
    Content:PT-403A Programmable Constant Temperature Humidity Tester (touch-tone) Introduction: Temperature Humidity Tester is designed f...
  • PT-402

    Thermal shock test machine
    Content:Specifications 1.Cold thermals shock testing chamber 2.temperature range:-40~150deg 3.accuracuy:+/-0.05 deg 4.low-temperature:-1...
  • PT-212

    Rubber membrane
    Content: PT-212 Rubber membrane Detailed Product Description The rubber membrane used for rupture strength test machine e...
  • PT-202

    Micro-computer type carton compression testing machine
    Content:Introduction PT-202 Micro-computer Compression testing machine is used for measuring the pressure strength of boxes, cartons, pa...
  • PT-101

    Pulp tester of beating degree
    Content: PT-101 Pulp beating degree tester ? Specifications: ?Beating degree tester is to test all kinds of suspendin...
  • PT-306A

    Pull and pressure testing machine
    Content:Pull and pressure testing machine ?Use: This machine is applicable to performance testing for plastics, tubular materials, plas...
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