Adhesive tape performance tester

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  • PT-502

    Tape initial adhesion test instrument
    Content: Specifications Model: PT-502 Advantage:suitable for initial adhesion test of pressure sensitive adhesive tapes? ...
  • PT-503

    Tape retention tester
    Content: Tape Retentivity Tester Detailed Product Description Tape Retentivity Tester 1.Manufacturer delivery 3. 1 ...
  • PT-504

    Maintain constant temperature stress testing machine
    Content: Maintain constant temperature stress testing machine Specifications Constant Temperature Tape Adhesive...
  • PT-511

    Laboratory Drawdown Coater
    Content: Laboratory Drawdown Coater For the quick and easy application of emulsion and solvent coatings, the Laboratory Drawdown C...
  • PT-509

    Manual pressure roller
    Content: Detailed Product Description ? Manual Rolling Wheel tester 1.lowest price 2.repeatable good Manual ...
  • PT-509A

    Hand Rollers
    Content: a wide range of accessories to complement your adhesive preparation, testing and calibration equipment. Hand ...
  • PT-505A

    Rotary viscometer
    Content: Digital rotating viscometer Detailed Product Description Digital Viscometer Stepping Motor means accura...
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