Side compression strength testing machine

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  • PT-205D

    Bond strength testing machine
    Content:PT-205D Glue Peeling Strength Holder It's used to test the strength after the two-side corrugated board bonding.infix the upper-...
  • PT-205E

    Flatting pressure sampler
    Content:Flatting Pressing Sampler The sampler is used to quickly and accurately cut standard sampler. This is cut out of the cardboard s...
  • PT-205B

    Ring specimen cutter
    Content: PT-205B Ring crush sample cutting machine This machine specially cut the specimen for the Ring crush , or other experimental ....
  • PT-205

    Ring Crush Strength Tester
    Content:Detailed Product Description Carton Ring Crush Test 1.multi-fuction testing of paperboard,pasteboard 2.can do RCT, FCT, ECT, ...
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